Five Reasons To Consider October CMS For Your Next Site

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Published to Design on Jun 10, 2014


The concept of a CMS is certainly nothing new.  And while there seems to be a new one springing up every day, one particular newcomer has caught our attention rather boldly.

October CMS is a Laravel PHP based CMS that covers a fairly massive range of capabilities including permissions, users, plugins, and several other niceties that make it a very strong offering.

Below are just a couple of thoughts on this new ORM CMS we believe make October CMS a strong contender for your next site build.

1. Static File System

October pages are a 1 for 1 file render.  This creates a lighter load on database load time and is extremely efficient on page load times.  Cache is hardly necessary in fact.

Although certain plugins such as our ProBlog or ProEvents do have dynamic database driven content, October CMS in general is entirely file based.

It's quite glorious!

2. It's Elegantly Designed

While I am sure it's not for everybody, the backend UI of October CMS is so graceful and elegant to use and work with.  It's an absolute joy. 

Moving around from pages to partials to content as well as adding plugin components feels very natural.  In fact, you could theoretically bypass your IDE all together considering October's ultra clean markup editor.

3. It's Simple

Just like any CMS, October can certainly be made as complicated as you like.  There's plenty of power to be found and extended from October's Laravel PHP foundations. But it's the workflow that immediately stands out as graceful and simple.  

Adding components, partials, and content all have a very similar twig sytax that can be added, moved, reordered as easy as copy and paste.

Not familiar with twig?  Don't panic.  It's stupid simple.  {% component 'blogPost' %} will render that components views like it's part of the page.  So easy to use.

And because you're working with files and not some database, you can swap back and forth between your favorite IDE or October's built in editor.

Creating a new Theme in October CMS literally takes a minute.  Any HTML theme can be converted in almost no time at all.  And you can make your theme layouts as dynamic or basic as you like.

4. It's Powerful

Building plugins and themes is a fluid and powerful experience rarely found in any CMS available today.  It's almost ridiculous. 

You can extend plugins quite easily or even build new ones except without all the "install" or "uninstall" fluff.  It's just as simple as adding some files and the ORM takes care of the rest!

Developers by the droves are finding this out and October CMS marketplace is growing steadily every single day.

If you can think of it, October can do it, and likely in a much more elegant and simple way than any other CMS out there.

While developing some of our products, we found October's API to be extremely well documented, and combined with Laravel's well documented API, we have been knocking out entire applications in just a day or two.  It's so completely glorious.

5. It's Supported

Although October CMS is OpenSource, it's founded by two solid performers with a proven track record of both code integrity and professionalism.

From the time we joined up in Alpha, all they way through Beta, the October core team of Samuel Georges and Aleksey Bobkov have been meticulous and methodic in their development cycle.  From listening to feedback and implementing new features, to sticking to their guns as to what this CMS will "not" be, it has been about as seamless and flawless of a system launch that we have every seen in our lifetime. It is really quite impressive.

And this caries through in almost every line of code and documentation.  And is also obvious and prevalent in the October Marketplace where every single plugin and theme is personally reviewed and accepted or rejected based on quality and effectiveness.


That's just a few reasons you will really want to take a good look at October CMS.  While I am certain there are features that have yet to be bolstered, I have zero doubt in my mind that the core team will do a great job and listen to user feedback.  They have done such a great job thus far, and we are super excited to see this CMS grow.

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